World War One

Monday April 18 - The Causes of World War One

Tuesday April 19 - Canada Goes to War and New Types of Fighting

Wednesday April 20 - Enemy Aliens and Propaganda

Thursday April 21 - The Canadian Home Front

Tuesday April 26 - Land Battles

Wednesday April 27 - The War in the Air and The War at Sea

Thursday April 28 - The End of the War and the Treaty of Versailles

Friday April 29 - World War One Unit Test / Introduction to the 1920s

The Interwar Years

Monday May 2 - Canada in the 1920s

Tuesday May 3 - Canada's Growing Autonomy

Wednesday May 4 - Causes of the Depression

Thursday May 5 - Politics at Home and Abroad

World War Two

Friday May 6 - Totalitarianism and Causes of WW2

Monday May 9 - Canada's Response and Axis Advance

Tuesday May 10 - Canada's Contribution and the End of the Fighting

Wednesday May 11 - The Holocaust

Thursday May 12 - The War at Home and What the War Meant to Canada

Friday May 13 - World War Two Unit Test