external image bullwinkle-poetry.jpg Welcome to our Poetry 12 unit!

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In this class we will learn poetry terms, read awesome poems, and experiment with writing our own poems

Day One - October 12 (Toast Introduction)

Check out what YOUR classmates think of poetry at http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/4230942/Poetry

Day Two - October 14 (Poetry Jeopardy)

Day Three - October 18 (Haiku)

Day Four - October 20 (Cinquain)

Check out The Writer's Almanac to get ideas for the research component of your final project.

Day Five - October 25 (Pantoum)

Day Six - October 27 (Dramatic Monologue)

Day Seven - October 31 (Villanelle)

Day Eight - November 2 (Work Block)

Day Nine - November 4 (Review / Work Block) * Poetry Book Due Today *