Counterpoints Chapter 8

Day One - October 11/12 (Quebec Nationalism)

Day Two - October 13/14 (Trudeau and Quebec)

- Don't worry about the last two slides! We will carry on with a debate next class.

Day Three - October 17/18 (The Constitution Debate)

Check out this awesome (and relevant!) video from the CBC Archives On This Day, October 17, 1968 - One Country, deux languages

Day Four - October 19/20 (Class Debate)

Day Five - October 24/25 (The Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

Day Six - October 26/27 (Multiculturalism / Review / Aboriginal Nations)

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Day Seven - October 28/31 (Aboriginal Nations)
Block F: Guest Speaker
Block A: Aboriginal Nations Introduction

Day Eight - November 1/2 (Aboriginal Nations)

Day Nine - November 3/4 (Test)