Welcome to Ms. Campbell's AVID 9!

Friday November 18
Today we worked on organizing our binders for the start of Term Two. Those of you who HAD NOT YET COMPLETED your Ordeal by Cheque Assignment got time in the Library to type it up. Assignments must be in by the end of the day today if you would like marks! Next week we will start exploring how we can use Content Area Reading strategies to help enhance our learning in Math, Science, and English!

Wednesday November 16
Today was Ms. Campbell's first day "solo" teaching AVID 9 - but don't worry, Ms. Araki and the wonderful TAs are not going anywhere! We looked at how to use Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast things. First, we used the SmartBoard to compare "Animals" and "Things that Fly." Next, we broke into small groups and used the Socials 9 textbook to do some compare and contrast work. Some groups looked at the differences between Upper and Lower classes, and some groups looked at the difference between the Puritans and the Anglicans. Great work today! Your Venn Diagram posters will be up on the AVID board soon!

Monday November 14
Today only a few of you had completed your Ordeal by Cheque rough draft (tsk tsk) so we took a bit of class time to work on that. You were responsible for having one classmate and one TA proofread your work, then we headed to the Library to type up our good copies.

Wednesday November 9
Today we continued our work on the Ordeal by Cheque assignment. You filled out the cheque handout and some of you started working on your rough drafts. For homework, make sure your handout is filled in and your rough draft is complete!

Monday November 7
Today we started working on a writing project called Ordeal by Cheque. The assignment involves reading a series of cheques written by Lawrence Exter Sr. and Lawrence Exter Jr. You are responsible for filling out the handout with the important information from each cheque, making predictions about what is happening in the lives of the Exters, and eventually writing a short story based on their lives.